Friday, February 6, 2015

Success can mean many things

Yesterday I accomplished a huge task. It was inspiring how well it went and the short amount of time it took. What was it? A shopping trip. To a French grocery store several miles away so I could buy imported food (pasta, canned veggies, granola bars, salsa, etc). And I did it with Atalie strapped to me in the Moby wrap (by far my favorite baby product, I couldn't survive without it). I don't do shopping trips requiring public transportation with her, it always seems so risky. Will I make it back before her nap? What if she's fussy? How can I carry all my groceries and her...on the bus?!? But I resolved to stick to the list and only get the things I can't get at my neighborhood grocery store, said a quick prayer for strength and joy, and went for it.

We took the bus 20 minutes to get there. Got my shopping done in record time - I was focused, trying to get home by nap time. I thought all was lost afterwards as we waited 15 minutes for the bus home. When it finally showed up, people were pouring out the windows (not really, but it was a very full bus). There was no way I was going to get on there with Little Miss Muffet strapped to me. And then, as the heavens parted and angels sang, a taxi pulled up to the curb. Had I been in a musical I would've broke out in song about perfect timing (or something like that). The taxi driver zipped me home. Atalie fell asleep about five minutes before we got back, but, another miracle, I was able to TAKE HER OUT OF THE MOBY AND SHE STAYED ASLEEP!!! Cue another song and dance. Birds were chirping, other woodland creatures danced and I got to take a nap! Just kidding, those last three things did not happen. Bummer. I would totally pay to see woodland creatures dance. Actually, in my concrete jungle of a city, I would just pay to see woodland creatures! Ha. 

Still, this is not a typical scenario. Oh, and I lucked out as she had a blow out right before we left. Can you imagine dealing with that on a bus? I don't want to. In the Moby wrap? Double gross. 

So, I felt pretty accomplished yesterday. Oh, and we have food to eat. Extra bonus. *fist bump*

Um, is she not the cutest? This is after I got her home and put her down. I love how she inches to the top of her crib and snuggles between her seahorse and lovey. Pure sweetness.

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