Monday, March 19, 2012

The adventure begins

This month has gone by a little too quickly and we now find ourselves with less than two weeks to pack our lives up into boxes and move it all out.  It's so weird to think that this is the beginning.  The beginning of something exciting and grand and awesome.  Full of adventure and literally things that we cannot even imagine now.  We are moving to China.  That's really far from our current lives in the Tri Cities!  

We have lived here for four years and have rooted ourselves, not deeply (always knowing that we wouldn't be here long), but deep enough for the transition to be bittersweet.  Friends old and new and family live in the area and we see them frequently, it will be hard (bitter?) to leave them behind.  Although there are dear friends we will see more by moving to China and that is just as sweet if not sweeter.  We have put blood, sweat and tears into our home, remodeling and making it just the way we want it.  In the past two months we have done more in the downstairs than we have in the four years previous!  But isn't that how it works?  And I don't think it's bad at all.  In fact it's good.  Good because we have a purpose, there is a goal.  April 1st we have renters moving in and now is the time to fix the things that are broken, slap on some paint and move on.  

We switched over to this blog to share our adventure of moving to China and the transition over the next few months it will take to get there.  I believe that when you start new chapters in life, you need a new place to put them.  I do the same with journals it seems, each time I go through a big transition I start a new journal.  Fresh pages, new just feels right.  And so does starting a new blog.  We hope you enjoy hearing about our lives overseas and the journey it will take us to get there.  Our hope is to share our lives in a way that you can relate to and feel a part of.  Just one more piece to taking you all with us on this awesome ride!  

Thanks for taking time to stop by the blog and we hope you continue to join us as we explore China and her people and choose to be intentional with our lives.  And if you ever get an itch to fly over the Pacific, please look us up!  Playing tour guide to many visitors is one role we know we will enjoy.