Saturday, February 14, 2015

情人节快乐!(Qingrenjie kuai le)

Happy Valentine's Day from us to you! Here in China they don't celebrate Valentine's Day the same we do back in the States (no fun, cheesy cards or candy handed out in classrooms), but I'm sure tonight restaurants will be full and most florists will have more than the normal order of flowers to fill. We are celebrating by helping out some friends and watching their two boys so they can drive out to a nearby foster home/orphanage and help build a goose enclosure. So far, we have watched Curious George and The Cat in the Hat, and I helped their oldest son make Valentine's Day cards for his parents! Later today we are meeting up with some other friends for an early dinner. 

Steven and I have never been big into this holiday. I think the first year we were married he brought home flowers for me, as a good husband should. Usually we don't even go out to dinner (too many people!). What do you do for Valentine's Day? Any special or fun traditions? 

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