Thursday, February 5, 2015

Photo Recap - How we spent our time in the States

We made it back! The plane ride was a little harder returning to China. On the way over, with the benefit of the jet stream, the flight from Shanghai to Seattle was just over 9 hours. On the return, we were stuck on that plane for 12 hours! That's a long flight. Atalie did great though. A little fussy the last hour, but overall did well. At one point I finally put her in the Moby wrap to sleep and then stretched out across the row to sleep. Yes, a whole row. The plane was almost empty and almost everyone had a whole row to themselves. Note to self, fly on a Tuesday!

And, for as much as we drug Atalie around everywhere while in the States, she did great! What a trooper. Most days had no semblance of a routine, however, she pulled through. And I can't even tell you how many hours she spent in the carseat (that she hated). She was definitely along for the ride and handled it so well. It actually makes me more confident in her ability to handle change. Though she does nap better and get more rest with more consistency in her day, she can handle a chaotic day here and there and still be her sweet and silly self. 

It would be a worthy cause to detail out a recap of the six weeks we spent with friends and family. All the people we saw, doctors visits, road trips and food we ate. However, even if I had the time (which I'm not sure I do), I don't have the energy. Or something like that. Anyways, I can recap in pictures! And I can say that it was an awesome six weeks. We were a little too busy to relax or rest, but hey, why rest when you can visit all your friends and hang out with family you haven't seen in 18 months. 

Hanging out in the Pudong airport waiting for our flight

Do you think they are smitten?

Meeting Nana (Jessica's Grandma)

2am visits with the Christmas tree - fun for everyone (not)

Christmas Eve

Opening presents, kind of

Christmas Day (I'm a bad mom and the only picture I have of Atalie on Christmas is this one, that Kelly took)

We went to Arizona and made new friends

And rode ATV's with family

Atalie helped Steven scan over 3,000 family pictures. Yes, 3,000.

It snowed in Arizona! What?!?

Taking in the sunsets

We had fun at Grandma and Grandpa Wallace's house
We took mirror selfies

And family pictures

We took a day trip to Spokane to see friends, including these awesome people!

My family threw a baby shower for Atalie! Complete with Chinese themed cupcakes and lanterns. 

Grandma Stevens got to meet Atalie. She's 97 years old!!! 

We got to see many good friends (like Kyle & Mallory!)

Aunt Shannon introduced Atalie to Ms. Frizzle

While back in the States, Atalie started solid foods! Big milestone.

Atalie also made a new friend. Lucy enjoyed giving lots of kisses and packing around Atalie's toys.

Atalie got some good piano time in. She's a fast learner!

And, of course, we read lots of stories.
We had a marvelous time back in the States. Sorry for the novel of pictures. To be honest, I had a lot more I wanted to post and had to be choosy. I have a hard time making decisions...

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