Thursday, November 8, 2012

The dog dilemma

Some of you may have seen this picture show up on Instagram or Facebook recently...

We have been saying for a few weeks that we want to get a dog...and then yesterday the opportunity presented itself.  I was waiting with my friend for the Hubby to show up with some other friends so we could all go get lunch.  I had just picked up a package my mom mailed to me (that adventure deserves its own post) and was hanging out in front of a fruit stand.  The owner had this really cute puppy that kept coming over to play.  He was really cute (the puppy - not the fruit stand owner), and kept antagonizing the other dogs walking by, wanting to play with them.  

After standing there awhile and laughing with my friend about the puppy, the fruit stand owner walked over and started asking my friend questions like, "where is your friend from" and "how old is she."  My friend graciously threw in that I was already married. :-)  Not quite sure where the conversation was going (and understanding most of it up to this point), the owner then offered for us to buy the dog if we were interested.  This sort of shocked me, I mean, it was his dog.  Didn't he love his little cute, playful puppy?  I laughed it off and didn't really take it seriously.  It was, after all, well loved by his owner and had lots of people to play with at the fruit stand.  This puppy, unlike others, wasn't in need of "rescuing" from peril. 

The Hubby showed up about five minutes later and I relayed the story to him as a humorous guess-what-happened-while-waiting-for-you aside.  Immediately, he went over to the fruit stand owner to talk about the dog.  I wasn't really in "let's buy a puppy" mode and didn't expect the Hubby to be so adamant about working out the details of a dog sale right there on the street.  Luckily, we had to eat lunch and so told the owner we would come back after discussing it over noodles and fried dumplings. 

Apparently, even though we both have been talking about getting a dog, we aren't on the same page with the whole puppy thing.  I am not too keen on getting a puppy.  Potty training and shoe destruction aren't something I want to be dealing with.  However, the Hubby is thinking that we needed a puppy to train it correctly and teach it to ride on the scooter (yes, that was his argument).  And the puppy is really cute...

After cordially discussing the finer points of puppy parenting, we landed on an agreement.  We'll go back next week (this week we are too busy and won't be home much to train a puppy), and take the puppy to the vet.  If the puppy is healthy and the vet can sort of guess for us what kind of dog it is (how big will it get? personality? etc), we will adopt him.  If the puppy does not pass the test then we will take him back to the original owner.  

So, my question to all of you - based on that adorable picture, what kind of dog do you think it is?  I'm guessing Chihuahua mix?  Would you take it home?  He is really cute...until he poops on your pillow or eats your favorite slipper.  Just sayin'. 


  1. He looks like Milo! Milo was a terrier-chihuahua mix...and he was a good dog...needy and dominant, but I think we sort of created that...Miss you guys!

  2. He is a cute puppy - and he does look like Milo. Training does take a lot of time but if you train him right he could be a great dog! Just nip those bad habits (like shoe destruction) in the bud.
    This sort of reminds me of last year when my boss had to have her (old, old) dog put down and she and her husband decided to go on a dog break. It lasted about a week! :)