Thursday, August 30, 2012

The process of packing

All 7 of our checked bags - ready to roll!
Yes, packing is a process.  And today we pushed through that process of trying to fit everything we own into suitcases, rolling duffel bags and backpacks to bring with us to China.  And I realized just how glad I was that four bags are already there (when we went in April, we fortunately had the foresight to bring extra bags with us and leave them, best idea ever). We're not quite done - still have several carry ons to pack and a bag that a friend will bring us in November, but we're getting there.  Going to live overseas warrants a hard look at what you will bring.  Many things we can get in China, some we can't and some things even if we can get them are expensive to replace.  All this has to be carefully considered when choosing which items to bring and which to leave behind.  

Here are a few things that made their way into our luggage:
- Spices (taco seasoning, Johnny's and cinnamon just to name a few)
- High quality kitchen utensils (silverware, good spatulas)
- A few fun, decorative things that make us feel at home
- Flashlights
- Sound bar and subwoofer for a TV (one of those things that would be more expensive to replace)
- Computer & monitor
- Medicine including Dayquil, Nyquil, sudafed, benadryl, mucinex...basically, we are now a walking pharmacy!
- Frying pans
- KitchenAid stand mixer (not coming until November)
- Lots of thank you cards & blank note cards
- Photos of our friends including year's past Christmas cards to hang up during the holidays
- Coffee
- Bike locks (Kryptonite's 10 out of 10, highest quality lock - the New York Fahgettaboudit Mini)
- Helmets (for a gas powered scooter)
- Sharpies
- Electronics, a lot of electronics
- A few books (we brought one whole 50 lb bag of books in April so most of ours are already over there)
- A quilt my sister made us
- Down comforter and cover
- Pillows (yes, the Hubby can't go anywhere without his own pillows!)
And lots of clothes, shoes, jackets, sweaters and such.  Not to mention only three bags are almost 70lbs, the other four are right below 50lbs.  Um, that's a lot of stuff!

Let's just say our bags are packed and we're [almost] ready to go!   

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